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About Us

MaxDives Club

Rule 1 | You don’t talk about MaxDives.

Rule 2 | YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT MaxDives.

Rule 3 | Someone yells dive, make the call, team up, the date is saved.

Rule 4 | Only two dives in a speedboat trip.

Rule 5 | One step at a time Fellas.

Rule 6 | No sunscreen, No shoes.

Rule 7 | Dives will go on as long as they have to.

Rule 8 | If this is your first day with MaxDives, you have to dive.

Meet Our Staff

While there is only one person


Max Islewalker

Son of the fish.

The Founder / CEO / Captain / Scuba Educator /

IT Support / Accountant / Designer /

Marketing Director / HR Head / Sales / Chief of MaxDives

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