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  • Where is the gathering point? 集合地點在哪裡?
    Tiu Keng Leng Pier (5 mins walk from TKO Station Exit A) 調景嶺碼頭 (將軍澳站A出口5分鐘路程)
  • What are the dive sites? 會去哪些潛點?
    Captain will decide depending on weather / visibiliy / sea conditions. 船長根據天氣 / 能見度 / 海況發辦。
  • Any Scuba gear for rental? 有裝備租用嗎?
    Fullgear $250 (Computer excluded 不含電腦錶) Regulator $120 BCD $100 Reg & BCD $200 * Recommended to prepare your own Rashguard / Legging / Socks * 建議自備 防曬衣 / 襪褲 / 襪子
  • Any F&B on boat? 有提供飲食嗎?
    Casual snack & drinks will be provided. 船上將有簡單的小食及飲品提供。 Please inform us in advance if you have any special dietary requirements. 有特別飲食要求請事先通知。 * Please bring your own drinking water to reduce plastic use * 為盡量減少使用塑膠,船上不提供樽裝水
  • What should I prepare? 我應準備什麼?
    - Drinking water 飲用水 - Towel 毛巾 - Physical sun care 物理防曬用品 (No Sun Lotion please!) - Motion sickness medicine 防暈浪藥物 - Rain coat 雨褸 (Depending on weather 根據天氣) - Good mood 美好的心情
  • Any place for shower & changing? 有淋浴及更衣設施嗎?
    Basic shower & changing room is available. 有簡單的淋浴及更衣設施。
  • Where should I park my vehicle? 哪裡可泊車?
    Cheapest 價錢最平 The Parkside $90 8am-6pm Closest 距離最近 Savannah Place $21 per hour
  • Any Din Tanks available? 有Din頭的氣瓶嗎?
    NO. All tanks are S80 with yoke valve (~11L) 沒有,所有氣瓶皆是Yoke頭的S80 (容量約11公升) DIN to YOKE adapters are available. 我們有DIN轉YOKE的轉接器免費借出。
  • Cancellation policy? 有取消預約條款嗎?
    50% fee will be charged if you cancel the booking 24 hours before the departure. * Not subject to bad weather conditions. 出發前24小時內取消需付50%船費。 * 受惡劣天氣影響則不受此限。
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